Legal Resources from Kathryn Page Camp

As a writer who is also a lawyer, I have long been interested in those legal issues that affect writers. I have never made my living as a tax or a copyright lawyer, but I have researched how those issues apply to writers.

Legal Resources For Writers

(written and copyrighted by Kathryn Page Camp)

  • Writer, Inc.” discusses the different legal forms you can use for your writing business.
  • Tell it to the IRS” describes when you can deduct your writing expenses if you are a sole proprietor.
  • Copyright or Copywrong?” explains what a copyright is, how you obtain one, and when you can or cannot use someone else’s work in yours.
  • My Characters Meet at Starbucks®” discusses the use of brand names in fiction and includes a very quick lesson in trademarks.
  • Writing About Uncle Charlie” explains the law of libel and the problems you can get into when writing about real people.


Legal Disclaimers

As a lawyer, I would feel lost if I didn’t include some legal disclaimers. Here they are.

  • I have drawn on my experience as a lawyer when researching the issues, but I am not your lawyer and I am not giving you legal advice. So if you don’t like what I say, don’t bother suing me.
  • State law governs some legal issues. (I will tell you in the article if state law applies.) Although the information I am giving you provides good general guidance, state laws vary.
  • In some of the articles, I will tell you how to find more information. Although I am confident that my legal summaries are correct, they just cover the basics. Therefore, I may suggest that you talk to a lawyer if you have questions that I haven't answered in the article. When I do, I will tell you what type of lawyer to talk to. You would not ask your family doctor to perform heart surgery, and you should not ask a lawyer who does wills and divorces to answer your tax or intellectual property (copyright, trademark) questions. Those are separate legal specialties.